Apple Tree Gifts

Send one of our charming Apple Tree Gifts to someone special in your life. Our range includes a variety of Apple Trees with subtle differences, but one thing is the same throughout, a bounty of delicious apples is produced every year. Cooks, bakers, and cider-makers adore this culinary gift.

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Buy Apple Trees as Gifts for Loved Ones

Our high-quality Apple Trees produce fragrant blossom in early spring for butterflies, birds, and bees then sweet apples ready to be picked every summer or autumn. Nothing is more comforting than picking homegrown fruit for apple pies, crumbles, and sauces.

Surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays with our Dwarf Red Love Apple Tree. Symbolising wisdom, health, and youthfulness, this culinary gift and dwarfing tree is the perfect token of appreciation and is fulfilling for both stomach and mind.

Or maybe you need a living gift for a small garden. Our Bramley Apple Tree is grafted onto an M27 rootstock so a small garden can’t stop friends and family enjoying delicious cooking apples every year.

Our apple varieties are grafted onto rootstocks to regulate their size and maximise their crop. Check the rootstock before buying so you know how much space will be needed.

Generally, our Fruit Tree Gifts are fully hardy in UK climates and are easy to grow. They can thrive in most soil conditions (except for sandy or water-logged soil). Plant or pot them in full sun with protection from strong winds and away from frost pockets. Just be sure to give them plenty of water in the summer months as making fruit is thirsty work.

Add a card with a personal message and choose a day for delivery. Our expert gardeners will handpick and beautifully gift-wrap a healthy tree and send it on its way.