Pear Tree Gifts

Send friends and family one of our Pear Tree Gifts. Our high-quality, homegrown Pear Trees are an absolute joy to give and receive. Apart from looking lush and naturally beautiful, they also produce bounties of delicious pears for picking straight from the tree or use in recipes.

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Send a High-Quality Pear Tree Gift

Our alternative fruit tree gifts are living, lasting, and produce bounties of delicious crop. For people who love fresh taste, cooking, or making bottles of perry, our Pear Tree Gifts are perfect.

Every spring, fragrant blossom and lush leaves return, followed soon after my pears that are ready to be picked from August to September. Oh, and good news, many of our pear trees are either fully or partially self-pollinating, so producing plenty of pears isn’t an issue.

For a unique Christmas gift consider our Partridge in a Pear Tree Gift. A 2L Conference Pear Tree with a pewter partridge dangling from the branches, this living keepsake gift brings the 12 Days of Christmas song to life and gives loved ones the chance to pick delicious pears each year.

Our Concorde Pear Tree and Conference Pear Trees are delicious dessert pears. They produce fragrant blossom for butterflies, birds, and bees every spring and produce heavy crops of pears every summer. Pear trees are symbols of inner peace and affection, making them perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day.

Pear Trees happily grow in a sunny spot in the garden with well-drained soil. See our full Pear Tree Care Guide for more information.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. A tree will be freshly selected and gift-wrapped by our devoted gardeners on day of dispatch before carefully being delivered to your door. Send a special gift in the form of a pear tree and get free UK delivery on orders over £50.