Peach Tree Gifts

The peach tree is part of the Rosaceae family (the rose family) and in Chinese culture, they are a symbol of vitality and immortality. Send only the tastiest peach tree gifts from Tree2mydoor.

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Peach trees bloom very early in the year and the blossoms even before the spring leaves come through. The lovely pink petals will have your garden dancing with welcome splashes of pastel colour.

Few insects are out this early in the year so pollination may need a little helping hand. Taking a small brush and gently dusting the pollen from flower to flower will promote more fruits to grow through in summer.

While you may think peaches and nectarines are different fruit, they are actually the same species separated by one tiny gene and that gene is the one that gives the peach its fuzzy outer layer.

Our crimson bonfire tree is the cutest tree you've ever seen. It may be compact in size but it makes up for it in its crop of delicious fruits. The deep burgundy leaves look stunning against the rest of the green garden and really complement the peachy orange-toned fruit. The perfect addition to any patio or decking and an ideal gift to send for so many different occasions.

Peach varieties make the perfect gifts as they are low maintenance and easy to grow, even for the least green-fingered people. Our trees are carefully packed in our specially designed packaging and sent to your chosen destination in the UK or Ireland.