Grapevine Gifts

Surprise friends and family with the gift of delicious homemade wine and send unusual grapevine gifts from Tree2mydoor. Each plant is individually packed into a box with a care guide and a personalised greetings card of your choice.

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Delicious Homegrown Fruit Gifts

With the right placement, grapevines can grow extremely well and become heavy croppers in our UK gardens. They're perfect for growing in a container if you have a small garden. Planting and training your vine against a trellis or wall will ensure it has the support it needs.

Clusters of little green flowers will appear in the spring that can be pollinated by the wind, insects or self-pollination. Each of the tiny flowers will turn into a perfectly formed grape that will ripen around late summer ready to be picked and eaten.

Grapes are deciduous and the leaves turn a wonderful bright shade of red in the autumn setting the garden alight with a blaze of autumnal colour before turning dormant for the winter.

These are perfect gifts to send to a foodie, whether they want to eat the fruits as they come, turn them into wine or keep them to dry to create delicious raisins and sultanas. Check out our blog for recipe inspiration and ideas. We have both white and red grape varieties so you can choose your favourite or send one of each as the ultimate pair. If you like the thought of sending a fruit vine, you'll also love our kiwi variety.

Choose a personalised greetings card at no extra charge then pick your preferred delivery date at the checkout and we will have it delivered on the day. Next day delivery available from Tuesday to Friday.