Top Five Tree Gifts by House Type


Which Tree for your house

Cosy City Crib If you’re buying a tree gift for a city flat, then the primary concern is going to be space. In most flats you’re going to be limited to pots, as planting directly into the ground is a no-go for obvious reasons. However, trees that will thrive in this type of environment are not as few and far between as you may think. A citrus fruit tree would be an excellent choice. They will not only look great and be a talking feature for your friends, but they’ll be the kick to your party; the lime for your Mojito. Just be careful about leaving them too close to radiators and make sure they receive proper ventilation.


Suburban Semi-Detached A suburban semi is a good starting point to begin thinking about something a little bigger in terms of tree choice. Chances are, you won’t want to plant something very large like an oak tree as this could severely stress out the neighbours in years to come. In this scenario, the rowan tree would be a great alternative. Rowan’s don’t grow as large as oaks so that’s a plus, but an added bonus is that they will grow quite happily in pots, ideal if you have a planned house move in the future.

Country Mansion If you’re buying for a country mansion, then the tree gift world’s your oyster if you’re talking about space. However, with so much choice at your feet, deciding on the right tree might be a bit bewildering. If you’re buying a tree gift for a country house with lots of space then you’ve got two really good options. Firstly, as an alternative to guards at the gate, why not try a pair of beautifully groomed topiary trees for that austere cool? If that scene doesn’t float your boat then what about something more functional. A bramley apple tree would be ideal, just think: homemade apple crumble cooking in the Aga. Mmmm.

Olive Tree The swanky Olive Tree

Swanky City Centre Flat There could be nothing more perfect for the swanky city centre flat than the beautiful twisted stem olive tree. These olive tree gifts not only make a perfect statement of sophisticated cool, but they are heartier than you may have thought! These trees can live up to 2000 years when kept outside. They will thrive on city centre balconies, in sunny sheltered spots and will provide fruit in late autumn. Olive trees are not suitable for indoors, a sunny balcony will make the perfect home for an olive tree.

Trendy Town Terrace If your terraced house has a south-facing garden, you are in luck as most pot grown trees would be an excellent choice. If the garden is north facing then I’d advise against buying a tree since they may not grow well because of the lack of direct sunlight. A citrus tree would be an excellent, indoor alternative for the north-facing garden. These can also be grown in a sheltered porch area, so long as they aren’t placed too close to a radiator and are in a positioned to receive plenty of sunshine. Can’t you just taste that freshly squeezed orange juice, straight from your own orange tree?

Quick tip: How to check if your garden/yard is north or south facing. Walk into the garden between the hours of 11.00am-4.00pm on a sunny day during the summer or 11.00am-2.00pm in the winter. If there is lots of sun then you will know that it’s south facing.

Need to know before the summer? Pop your post code/address into an online map engine such as Google Maps on a satellite view so that you can visibly see a bird’s eye view of the property. The direction that the garden or balcony faces will determine whether it is north, south, east or west facing.