Tree2mydoor and Innovative Packaging - Our Story

tree gift packaging for weddings Wedding Tree Gift Box

At Tree2mydoor, we really care about our trees! We care about trees so much, that ranking number 2 in our top worst nightmares (behind a world without trees), is the idea that people would receive a tree gift from us and it wouldn’t be in tip top shape. So in light of this terror, we decided to create the ultimate tree box for delivery.

Each box that your tree gift will arrive in has been carefully designed and developed in house by us. Not only is this true, but as an eco-friendly gift company, we have taken extra care and attention in creating a tree gift box with minimal wastage. Now it takes a whole lot less packaging to send a tree than you might imagine.

The inspiration for our packaging was primarily about getting our trees sent to you in rude health, whilst minimizing the materials used. Yet at Tree2mydoor, sending trees is not all about raw functionality and just getting the job done, oh no! We have also paid particular care in ensuring our box’s look cool too when they arrive at your door. We have created a system where your free gift card (did you know that you can get a free gift card from us for any occasion when you purchase a tree?) is held directly in the box, so when the recipient opens up their fab tree gift they can see the card and read your message straight away. And on top of this, for those who are a bit tree clueless, we include a special little gift tree care guide to get them started.

Close-up of card holder Our Innovative card holder design

We have developed three designs of gift boxes for the wide selection of tree species that we offer. All of our gift box designs are protected and our Tree Gift Box has a Patent Pending! This means that only Tree2mydoor and our partners can use the boxes. So, good news for our customers!

Please visit our tree packaging guide to find out more about the types of packaging that we offer.