Tree and Plant Anniversary Gifts by Year

Weddings and anniversaries are a way to celebrate the love between two people, bringing together friends and family for a joyous occasion to symbolise the connection and happiness found within each other's company.

Anniversary gifts should be thoughtful, long lasting and we think, where possible… themed! Whether you’re buying for your other half, parents or friends and family check out our tree and plant themed gift guide for Anniversary Gifts by Year. Each gift is chosen to be an eco-friendly twist on the old traditions.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Each Year

1st Wedding Anniversary - Paper


1st anniversary paper rose bush gift


Let’s start at the very beginning. The first year brings us to paper, the very first year of marriage. Everything is still new and exciting and the couple have started on their journey to grow together.

The petals on the Paper 1st Anniversary Rose are as white and delicately thin as paper. From the day it’s received it is a gift that will continue to bloom and grow along with the marriage. Perfect for growing in a pot so it can move and head on a journey wherever life may take them.


5th Wedding Anniversary - Wood


Oak tree gift


If you’re looking for a gift for a 5th wedding anniversary then you’ve come to the right place - you can’t get much closer to wood than an actual tree.

For the couple with their forever home, the oak tree is ideal - a strong wooden tree that is commonly used for furniture and known as the king of the woods. The oak is the gift of a lifetime and is known to live for hundreds of years. This tree prefers larger gardens and spaces.

For the couples not as settled and still on the course of their journey, how about one of our potted trees? They can be picked up and moved to anywhere the heart desires. Great for the couple moving house as it can stay right by their side no matter where they head.

10th Wedding Anniversary- Tin


tin 10th anniversary rose bush gift


A decade of marriage is no small feat so it seems only fitting that a 10 year wedding anniversary should be celebrated just the same.

Our Tin 10th Anniversary Rose Gift is a beautiful way to mark such a big anniversary, with its pure white blooms this rose is of the floribunda variety, meaning that the bush produces dense blooms. All of which give off a delicate fragrance that is a real favourite with the local bee and butterfly populations.

15th Wedding Anniversary- Crystal


crystal 15th anniversary rose bush gift


It is fair to say that some anniversary themes are much easier to find a gift for than others, at 15 years, the theme is crystal which can be quite niche. This is why we recommend our Crystal 15th Anniversary Rose gift.

You can expect this rose to produce pearly-white petals with a bright yellow centre in the summer months. It is also good to note that this rose is of the floribunda variety and so will produce very dense blooms in pots or as a planted bush.

20th Wedding Anniversary- China


china 20th anniversary rose bush gift


Two decades of marriage is traditionally marked with one of two themes, platinum or china. In this gift guide, we have our China 20th Anniversary Rose. This rose develops soft-pink roses with a lavish fragrance in the summer and will grow back each year as a beautiful anniversary reminder.

Traditionally, China is said to symbolise delicate, yet hard-wearing love, our China Rose Gift is a great way to celebrate this. Hardy by nature and with beautiful blooms, this is the ideal 20th anniversary gift for the year.

25th Wedding Anniversary - Silver


silver 25th wedding anniversary rose gift


Years of life and love later we reach the silver medal - 25 years of marriage and memories.

Our personal choice for such a milestone is the Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Rose. This bunch of perfect white roses bloom amongst dark green foliage every year in the summer months, their hardy nature makes nurturing this gift particularly rewarding.

30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl


pearl 30th anniversary rose bush gift


Pink pearls represent romance and happiness and pink roses are a symbol of admiration. Everything you could hope for in a marriage of 30 years.

The plentiful, pearly pink blooms on our patio Pearl Anniversary Rose Bush are a beauty to behold and will fill the patio with colour. Unlike some of the other examples on this list, our Pearl Roses are ideal for patio living. This makes them a particularly special gift for people who may not have the space in their gardens to dedicate to a full-size rose bush.

35th Wedding Anniversary - Coral

crab apple tree gift

Celebrate with a blooming 35th anniversary gift! The Crab Apple Tree is a beautiful UK native tree, known as the tree of love to the Celts. We think this is a perfect gift for the couple who have spent this many years together.

If you'd prefer something that is a touch more traditional, we also have a beautiful Coral Anniversary Rose gift. These peachy roses are a wonderful way to brighten up outdoor spaces and a real favourite with the bugs in your garden!

40th Wedding Anniversary - Ruby


enkan japanese maple tree gift


Rubies are red and so is our Enkan Japanese Maple tree. 40 years welcomes us with the Ruby wedding anniversary, in the Autumn the leaves of the Enkan Acer become a blaze of stunning, fiery reds.

Ruby represents love and passion which should still be burning bright for the 40th year of marriage. This tree is great for container growing and gardens of any size. It’s low maintenance and will provide seasonal interest for years to come.

45th Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire


anniversary tree gift pack


Our Anniversary Tree Gift Pack comes with a native UK sapling of your choice and a solid pewter plaque that can be engraved with a message. It can stand proudly in the garden to commemorate the wonderful day.

Another popular gift for Sapphire anniversaries is the Blueberry Plant gift, this fruiting plant will produce bounties of berries and is a really interesting take on such a great milestone

50th Wedding Anniversary - Golden


golden delicious apple tree gift


A golden gift for the golden couple celebrating a wondrous 50 years of marriage. Gold is the colour of compassion and love, something celebrating a 50th anniversary should be full of.

We think the Golden Delicious apple tree is the perfect gift for such a special occasion and what you see is what you get. The skin of the apple is a beautiful golden green colour and the flavour is as delicious as you would expect. It’s a unique take on the golden theme and ideal for medium sized gardens.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, then our Arthur Bell Rose Bush Gift is a really interesting option, famous for its big and fragrant blooms, we think that it is a really beautiful 50th anniversary gift.

55th Wedding Anniversary - Emerald


Emerald Lace Japanese Maple Tree


55 years takes us to the emerald anniversary. This Emerald Lace Japanese Maple Tree might not be a precious stone but the leaves sure do shine like one.

The tree is a little gem for the garden, the intricate lace-like leaves.
The colour emerald symbolises growth and eternity, for a marriage of 55 years it shows a lovely sentiment how a couple has grown to be. It’s a low maintenance tree that will provide loving memories for years to come. Perfect for all garden sizes but works great in smaller spaces.

60th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond


60th anniversary rose bush


Last but not at all least we have Diamond - 60 years of love and marriage to finish off our list. A milestone such as a 60th anniversary deserves a gift just as special.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but there is nothing like the pure white, sparkling blooms of our Diamond 60th Wedding Rose Bush. Our rose bushes stand the test of time, a symbol of the anniversary being celebrated. It will suit a garden of any size and the lightly fragranced blooms will bring joy years after year.

We have a wide range of other anniversary gifts if you didn’t find what you were looking for here. Check them out on our website and choose and eco-friendly tree or plant that breaks the traditional rules of gift giving.

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