Natural VS Artificial Bay Trees

Today’s blog post is a fight night special. Read on for round by round coverage of the classic battle between, natural and artificial bay trees. It’s going to get heated and we can’t guarantee that it will be safe clean fight, but here goes...

Bay Tree Close up The Mighty Natural Bay Leaves

Round 1: Smell. Natural bays take an early lead, capitalising on the fact that they are actually real. This gives them certain magical advantages that allow them to bust up the artificial competition. The smell of the natural bay trees, whilst not overwhelming, is really quite pleasant if you crush the leaf and is spectacular in your cooking pot.

Round 2: Cooking. Clearly head and shoulders in front already, natural bays have the competition down on the mat here. Bay leaves are great for cooking and they can be plucked straight from your tree, they don’t even need to be dried out first. They are great in Mediterranean cooking; soups, stews, braises and pates.

Round 3: Care. Artificial bays trying to creep back into the fight here. Since they are made out of plastic, they require absolutely no care whatsoever. No watering and no pruning, no love and no care and attention. On the other hand, natural bay trees do require at least a modicum of care...the little softies (well on the plus they are actually real).

Bay Laurel Pyramid Check out our Bay Laurel Pyramid

Round 4: looks. This really is a no brainer; unless you are a plastic fetishist (cheeky), then it is extremely likely that the natural charms of the real bay trees will woo you more effectively. The bay trees look excellent, and our customers often purchase them in pairs for that regal look either side of the front door.

Round 5: The fight is over! The artificial bay trees are battered and bruised. They probably didn’t have a chance after round 2, the cooking round. The artificial trees may never be the same again!

It’s all over, and I can’t believe that it even took place given the one-sided nature of it. Natural bay trees won by a country mile, some suggesting that the fight shouldn’t have taken place at all and the natural bay was only in it for the fight money. Perhaps we can find a more worthy contender next time to go up against the mighty natural bay tree. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, if you would like to find out more about our beautiful bay trees please do. If you would like to find out anything else about our bay trees then send us a tweet to the Tree2mydoor twitter page.