Summer Trees

It’s that time of year when trees and plants are starting to bloom, providing an array of breath-taking colours. It’s only natural for you to want your garden to burst with colour too. If you’re not sure about the best trees for summer, browse our range of summer trees.

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Flowering Trees and Plants for Summer

When it comes to brightening up the garden, you cant go wrong with rose bushes. We have plenty of varieties that will introduce a splash of colour and provide a sweet scent throughout the summer months. Our collection includes floribunda roses, fragrant roses, patio roses and much more.

Our wildflowers also ensure your garden looks pleasing to the eye. Not only do these vibrant red field poppies and golden flowers look beautiful, they attract wildlife to the area. This means your garden will never be short of visitors during the summer season!

Fruit trees are popular choices for the summer period as they start to produce crops of delicious goodies. Our apple tree varieties are ideal for yummy snacks and desserts, and soon enough itll become a summer tradition to pick apples from your very own tree.

Why not bring some zest to your home with our citrus trees? You can your own lemons and oranges to make tangy treats and even add them to cheeky gin and tonics.

If you want to freshen up your home but dont have much space, our indoor plants transcend the seasons. These are perfect for adding a breath of fresh air to homes and office spaces.

Order your tree today and get free delivery when you spend over £50. Interested in trees that thrive in different seasons? Check out the rest of our seasonal trees.