Lemon Trees for Sale

Want to add a bit of zest to your home? We have a selection of lemon trees for sale, perfect for growing in porches and conservatories. These quality trees will produce a crop of fruit up to 4 times a year.

Our Lemon Tree Gifts are now available for preorder from the 14th January 2022!

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Citrus Tree Guide

Here at Tree2mydoor we have a fantastic range of fruit trees to choose from. Why not introduce a touch of the Mediterranean to your conservatory or patio with a lemon tree? Although they're not native to the UK, they can still thrive in the right conditions. Most varieties need protection when temperatures drop below 10C, which means they require careful maintenance.

Not only do these trees produce succulent lemons throughout the year, they have striking green foliage to complement the vibrantly coloured fruits. Their distinct appearance makes a great addition to your garden, conservatory or patio.

Growing your own fruit is a challenging yet rewarding project, and your juicy home-grown lemons will taste even sweeter after all your hard work. Add your fruits to cheeky gin and tonics, use them in recipes or squeeze them over your morning pancakes.

Our trees will produce fruit several times a year and we have varieties to suit large and small spaces. The classic lemon trees and Espalier trees are suitable for roomy indoor spaces, providing stunning and fragrant foliage. If you have a less spacious indoor area, our mini trees are ideal.

For more information on looking after your tree, see our handy citrus tree care guide.