Orange Trees for Sale

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own juicy, zesty oranges, now’s the time to start. Our selection of orange trees for sale includes everything from Satsumas to Calamondin varieties.

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Grow Your Own Citrus Trees

Orange trees originate from tropical areas and thrive in sunny climates, but you can still grow them here in the UK. They're ideal for hallways, conservatories and airy hallways and don't require large gardens. Our trees produce fruit up to 4 times a year so you can make refreshing smoothies, juices, cocktails and yummy desserts.

Who doesn't love a succulent little Satsuma? Our Satsuma tree adds a splash of orange and green colours to your home and produces irresistible fruits throughout the year. This great tree can be pot grown indoors, meaning you don't need a large garden to enjoy the rewards of growing your own fruit.

Foodies will love our Calamondin tree and the sweet and sour fruit it produces. Just imagine the recipes you can experiment with when you grow these delicious oranges. Don't worry if you don't have much room we also have a mini Calamondin tree to suit small indoor spaces, windowsills and desks.

For more information on caring for your citrus tree, see our handy guide. Why not check out our lemon trees too? Get free delivery with Tree2mydoor when you spend over 99.