Wildflowers for Sale

Brighten up your garden and attract an array of wildlife with gorgeous flowers. We have a selection of wildflowers for sale to populate your garden.

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Grow Stunning Flowers

Wildflower plants add a burst of colour to any garden and invite local wildlife such as butterflies and bees too. We have a range of striking indoor and outdoor plants to adorn gardens large and small.

Scatter field poppies and corn cockle seeds around your garden for clusters of vibrant red and pink flowers throughout the summer. Our love in a bag contains 10g of native seeds, which is enough to cover up to 10sqm.

Spread a bit of sunshine across your garden with our meadow buttercup, Commons St Johns Wort, ladies bedstraw and corn marigolds. We provide 10g of native seeds that will grow into dazzling golden flowers in the summer. Order our sunshine in a bag to create your very own sea of sunshine.

These wonderfully bright flowers will become a stand-out feature of your garden. Spend over £50 with us and get free delivery in the UK and Ireland.