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Browse our selection of UK grown apple trees for sale. Perfect for all garden sizes, we have a variety of different rootstock sizes available including M27, M26 and MM106. Order online today for fast delivery and be well on the way to growing your own delicious fruit.

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Growing your own fruit is a rewarding project and most fruit trees are fairly easy to maintain. You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own fruit tree and we have plenty of apple varieties to suit different garden sizes.

Our smaller dwarf apple trees are grafted onto the M27 rootstock which grows to around 6ft in height. This makes them perfect for container growing in small gardens. They’re also developed to yield plenty of delicious fruit for you to enjoy. Our Scrumptious Apple Tree is available on M27 produces apples with an excellent flavour.

For large gardens opt for the MM106 rootstock, these can grow to a height of 12ft and is a great option for an orchard. Our James Grieve Apple tree is great if you have a sweet tooth. The large fruits are one of the nation’s favourites and can be eaten fresh or made into tasty pies and crumbles throughout winter.

Order online today for fast delivery around the UK & Ireland. Spend over £99 for free standard delivery.