Apple Trees for Sale

We have a variety of UK grown apple trees for sale for all garden sizes. Browse our selection of trees and grow your own delicious fruit.

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Choosing Your Tree

Growing your own fruit is a rewarding project and most fruit trees are fairly easy to maintain. We have a range of varieties to suit different garden sizes.

Many of our apple trees are grown from dwarf root stock, which means they wont grow to very large sizes. Theyre also developed to be heavy croppers, so theyll yield plenty of delicious fruit for you to enjoy.

If you have a sweet tooth, youll love the large apples produced by our Braeburn tree. This is one of the nations favourites, yielding large fruits in October to make tasty pies and crumbles throughout winter. The Bramley tree also produces scrumptious fruit year on year, perfect for making a whole raft of classic desserts and treats.

Fancy making your own jam or jelly? Our native crab apple tree produces sour fruits you can use in countless recipes. This is one of our most popular trees because its easy to care for and is a great addition to medium or large gardens.

You dont need lots of space to grow your own fruit our dwarf tree can be pot grown instead of planted, and looks beautiful in small gardens, decking and balconies.

Each tree comes with care instructions, but you can check out our blog for more information on looking after fruit trees.