Patio Fruit Tree Gifts

Friends and family with cosy patios can still enjoy natural splendour and bounties of fruit with our Patio Fruit Tree Gifts. These potted trees come with a charming size but make delicious fruit all the same. Explore the range we have on offer. You are sure to find the right gift for the occasion or person you need it for.

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Send a Patio Fruit Tree as a Gift

Customers love the gifts in our Patio Fruit Tree range for their dainty size and readiness to grow fruit in our typically British climate. These culinary gifts are exceptional for people who enjoy homegrown fruit, sensational taste and enriching their cuisine. Alongside this, each tree has symbolic meaning from Celtic mythology or other cultures, so you are sure to find the right tree for the occasion or person you need for.

Our Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift is a favourite amongst our customers, not just for its charming size and heavy crop of delicious fruit, but also for its astounding seasonal beauty. Immaculate white blossom compliments the lush, green leaves in spring. Luscious plums begin to grow soon after, a marvellous sight that lasts until August when they are ripe and ready to be picked. Its VVA-1 rootstock means it will only grow to 2m (6.5ft) tall, perfect for planting or potting in small gardens.

For apple lovers, our Bramley Apple Tree Gift is an absolute must. Don’t be fooled by its charming size, this gift produces a bounty of apples every summer for cooking and baking. It has lush, green leaves throughout spring and summer and fragrant blossom for butterflies, birds, and bees. Place it in a small garden or in a pot on a balcony or patio and it will slowly grow to 2m (6.5ft tall).

Our patio trees are grafted onto rootstocks to regulate their size and maximise their crop. They thrive in full sun with protection from the wind and plenty of water in the summer. Re-pot every year or so to prevent the tree from becoming pot bound.

Order a patio fruit tree today, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping. Get free delivery on orders over £50.