Birthday Zodiac Trees

Send a Birthday Tree Zodiac Gift from our award-winning Ancient Wisdom range. Each tree is associated with Celtic Astrology and the Ogham Zodiac. Not only are these gifts living and lasting, but they are also truly personal and full of meaning.

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Send a Birthday Zodiac Present

There are 13 signs in the Ogham Zodiac each represented by a UK Native Tree. Find the right date range and tree for a loved one celebrating their birthday. Rest assured, they’ll be overjoyed with a gift as personal as this one. 

Our Silver Birch Tree Gift is for people born between December 24th and January 20th, As a symbol of new beginnings and protection, it is perfect for birthdays around the start of the year. Treat loved ones to silver-white bark and lush leaves!

Our mighty Oak Tree Gift is for people born between June 10th and July 7th. This symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom is revered as the ‘Father of the Woods’, the perfect gift for fathers and granddads celebrating their birthday. This gift can be pot grown for 5 years before finding a large garden to settle in. 

For people born between August 5th and September 1st, choose our Hazel Tree Gift. It is considered the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in Celtic mythology, a symbol of wisdom and inspiration. Creatives and academics will cherish this meaningful gift! Green leaves adorn its slender, grey-brown trunk. When it matures, catkins can grow and hazelnuts can be picked for their savoury flavour.

Celtic Tree Zodiac Dates

  • 21st Jan - 17th of Feb: Rowan Tree Gift
  • 18th Feb - 17th Mar: Ash Tree
  • 14th Mar - 18th Apr: Common Alder Tree
  • 15th Apr - 12th May: Grey Willow Tree Gift
  • 13th May - 9th June: Hawthorn Tree
  • 10th June - 7th July: Oak Tree Gift
  • 8th July - 4th Aug: Holly Tree Gift
  • 5th Aug - 1st Sept: Hazel Tree Gift
  • Sept 2nd - Sept 29th: Vine
  • Sept 30th - Oct 27th: Ivy
  • Oct 28th - Nov 23rd: Reed
  • 24th Nov - 23rd Dec: Elder Tree Gift
  • 24th Dec - 20th Jan: Silver Birch Tree Gift

Find out more about the Tree Zodiac Signs on our Celtic Tree Calendar page. Add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.