Common Alder Tree

Alnus glutinosa


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The Common Alder Tree was a sacred tree to the Druids and in ancient times was regarded as the 'Faerie Tree' as it was thought to be able to grant access to the Faerie realms.The Common Alder is a hardy tree that thrives in wet conditions and is a common inhabitant of riverbanks and areas with high rainfall. Its resistance of rot made its wood perfect for making bridges, boats and even clogs. It was also thought that putting an Alder leaf in shoes before starting a long journey would cool ones feet and prevent swelling and blisters along the way.Tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  • Common Alder Trees will grow to around 70ft (22m).
  • The Common Alder thrives in moist to wet ground it is a common inhabitant of riverbanks, low lying areas or upland areas with high rainfall.
  • Alder leaves are slow to decay if they fall into water and as such the trees should not be planted too close to riverbanks.
  • Nodules on roots which contain bacteria that fix nitrogen make it a valuable species for enriching poor ground.
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