1st Birthday Gifts

A baby’s 1st birthday is the start of something wonderful and should be celebrated with meaningful gifts that will last for many more birthdays to come. Browse our range of Unique 1st Birthday Gifts and select a beautiful tree, plant, or rose bush. Each one has natural beauty and rich symbolism to match the occasion or person you need it for.

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Unique Gift Ideas for a 1st Birthday

Make their 1st birthday an extra special occasion with a gift that will be remembered. Typical gifts are forgotten all too often. But our gifts grow alongside their recipients so they will always be admired. Just imagine a child swinging from the same tree they got for their 1st birthday or picking fruit every summer for years to come. Nothing can beat the feeling of giving such a meaningful gift.

Our Rubber Plant is an ideal gift to mark a baby’s 1st birthday. This delightful indoor plant has extraordinary leaves with lush green colour, stacked in fantastic shapes for subtle and sophisticated style. Place it in a corner and its round leaves will soften harsh interior edges. Rest assured, this indoor plant is easy to care for, easy to move into a new family home, and it happily cleans the air you breathe.

Send a Crab Apple Tree Gift to a family celebrating their child’s 1st birthday. This Celtic ‘Tree of Love’ stands for everything a baby needs. Slowly, it will grow from a dainty sapling into a small tree, producing pink-white blossom and a bounty of delicious apples every year. Watching this gift flourish alongside its recipient is fulfilling in ways other gifts can’t achieve. Oh, and it can be pot grown for 5 years before being planted.

How about sweet plums for sweet memories? Our Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift happily fits into cosy spaces, produces fragrant blossom in spring, and succulent plums in August. Loved ones will be treated to seasonal beauty and a yearly bounty of fruit for baking and jam-making, so this gift certainly won’t be forgotten.

Add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. Many of our trees and rose bushes are beautifully gift-wrapped and delivered via a premium courier service.