80th Birthday Gifts

An 80th birthday is a momentous occasion and deserves a gift to match. For people who have seen it all, finding a thoughtful gift can be difficult. But our gifts are living, lasting, full of meaning, and utterly beautiful. Browse our range of 80th Birthday Gifts, you are sure to find the right one!

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Browse our 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Who’s turning 80? Your soulmate. Your mother or father? Your grandma or granddad? Whoever it may be, has probably seen it all. Nothing could surprise them after all the birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations they’ve had… or could it?

Send a gift from our Indoor Plant range.

Why not send a low maintenance birthday gift that is living, lasting, full of meaning, and boasts seasonal beauty? Our range of trees, plants, and rose bush gifts are refreshing alternatives to the gifts that are commonly given. What use would they have for more forgettable gifts? Give them something that is low maintenance and they can treasure for years to come. We promise you will never regret it.

Send a Lemon Tree Gift to a loved one turning 80. Customers love this culinary gift for its exquisite evergreen leaves, fragrant blossom, and bright yellow lemons that grow throughout the year. All this dainty tree needs is water and a small indoor space away from central heating. Nothing beats the feeling of picking homegrown lemons for added zest in recipes!

How about our Special Grandma Rose Bush Gift? Grandma’s are wise family members, full of stories and unmatched recipes, and deserve a gift they can cherish. The pink-yellow colour of this rose bush is unique and striking and the fragrance the flowers produce is superb, inviting butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. This hardy and low maintenance gift will be admired every spring and summer for years to come.

Order in time for their 80th birthday! Add a personalised birthday card and choose a nominated day for delivery. Many of our trees and rose bushes are gift-wrapped to leave a lasting impression on the day of delivery and thereafter.