60th Birthday Presents

We have a beautiful selection of quality trees and plants ready to send for special 60th birthday presents. They’re a lovely, unique that will last for many years.

Unique, Long Lasting Presents for a 60th Birthday

For a really fantastic birthday present, why not send a gorgeous tree? Trees are a great gift to send as an eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers especially to celebrate a 60th birthday. Trees last for years and years and grow along with them.

Depending on who you are buying for, a native tree might be a nice gift idea for a 60th birthday as they require little maintenance so they can get on with enjoying life. Both our Rowan and crab apple trees are small varieties that are perfect for being planted out in the garden to grow.

On the other hand, fruit trees also make wonderful birthday gifts. Our Sunburst Cherry Tree will produce a bumper crop of large juicy cherries and a Bramley apple tree is always a favourite for a friend who loves to cook.

If you're looking for a long lasting blooming gift then our hardy English grown rose bushes made a delightful gift for any birthday. Celebrate a special 60th with the stunning blooms of the Birthday Rose Bush, the deep cream petals and the beautiful scent will bring an air of elegance to the garden.

We have a wonderful selection of gifts for a 60th, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, or perhaps would like a bit of help then get in touch.