Native Trees

Native trees bring a touch of character and history to an outdoor space. They can live for hundreds of years, making them perfect additions to gardens or suitable grounds. Choose from over 25 varieties and select saplings or larger, potted trees.

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Stunning Trees Native to the UK

There are many trees native to the UK, many of which grow to live for hundreds of years. They can take pride of place in a garden with their distinctive appearance. We have a range of trees native to the British Isles which are grown from quality UK seed.

Each tree is steeped in culture and ancient history, making them a great talking point for visitors. Oak trees are known as the Father of the woods and symbolise courage and knowledge, meaning they also make special Fathers Day gifts. The silver birch tree, or the Lady of the woods, is one of our most popular native varieties. These unique trees are associated with fertility, new birth and purification.

If you have limited space, you can still adorn your garden with one of our smaller varieties. The compact crab apple tree is the original British apple tree, producing succulent fruit and beautiful white flowers. Believe us when we say its one of our most popular trees for a reason!

Your tree will arrive with instructions on how to grow and maintain it, but if you need more information, see the handy care guides on our blog.