5th Anniversary Gifts : Wood

Wood is traditionally given for 5th anniversary gifts, and chopping down a tree to make carved wooden presents seems awfully wasteful. Why not send a unique living gift instead?

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Wood Anniversary Gifts

The official gift for 5th wedding anniversaries is wood. What could be better than a living gift that will give joy for years to come? Trees and plants are unique anniversary gifts that grow with you throughout your marriage, which is a fitting symbol of your enduring love.

Trees and plants are the perfect way to make your wooden wedding anniversary gift more ecologically friendly. Regardless of space, we have a plethora of choices for you.

Our indoor trees are ideal if you want to brighten up your home and you don't have much garden space. For those who want an adventurous gardening project, why not grow your own fruit with beautiful fruit tree gifts? Choose from an array of fruits you can grow together and enjoy in meals, snacks and drinks.

If you want a gift that could last hundreds of years, our native trees are the best bet. Our Beech tree gift can live up to 300 years and is also known as the Mother of the Woods. The Elder tree gift is another great choice as its believed to be a protective tree, driving out evil forces.

To make the present even more special, add a personalised greeting card with your message of love. Spend over £99 and get free delivery.