9th (Willow) Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate 9 years of marriage with our Willow Anniversary Gifts. Such a special occasion is deserving of gifts that can last a lifetime. Our trees, plants, and rose bushes flourish and thrive as a reminder of your love. Watching our 9th Anniversary Gifts grow is fulfilling in ways other traditional gifts can’t achieve. Add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery.

Unique 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are celebrations of love, life, and memories shared. As such, gifts that are given should be as meaningful as the occasion. Why not give your partner or a happy couple you know one of our tree, plant, or rose bush gifts. Each one has unique natural beauty and rich symbolism, so, no matter who you are buying for, you are sure to find the right willow themed gift.

Traditionally, 9th anniversaries are celebrated with willow gifts. Fitting with the theme, send that special someone our Grey Willow Tree Gift. This ‘Tree of Enchantment’ arrives with a slender trunk adorned with lush foliage. Spring welcomes silky flowers that release delicate fragrances. It can grow in a sprawling manner or be trained and shaped. For the person that has enchanted you for 9 years, this is the perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift.

Our Pussy Willow Tree Gift is a symbol of love, healing, and protection, qualities a couple needs to reach their 9th wedding anniversary. Every spring, furry catkins bloom, a treat for butterflies, birds, and bees. This tree is superb for ornamentation as its crown is light and doesn’t block light.

Or you could fashion your own perfect gift with our Anniversary Tree Gift Pack. This purpose-made box comes with a native sapling of your choice, an engraved plaque, and a card personalised by you. Nothing is more intimate and personal than something especially chosen by the one they love.

Order yours in time for the special day and add a personalised card. Our expert gardeners will handpick your living gift and beautifully gift-wrap it.