9th Anniversary Gifts: Willow

Willow baskets, willow ornaments and willow sculptures all come from one place: willow trees. It makes perfect sense to send your husband or wife a willow tree from our selection of 9th anniversary gifts.

Willow Anniversary Gifts

Just because the big 10th anniversary is around the corner doesnt mean this one cant be celebrated properly. How can you surprise a loved one for your 9th wedding anniversary? Choose a long-lasting, living present from our range of willow anniversary gifts.

Willow trees were renowned in ancient cultures for their strength, flexibility and medicinal properties. These trees perfectly symbolise the stability of your marriage and represent how your love has grown over the years.

If you have a medium sized garden, our grey willow tree gift makes a great anniversary gift. Its beautiful red-brown twigs and distinctive foliage will brighten up a garden for many years to come. Grey willows are also popular with surrounding wildlife, and may even turn your garden into a little hub.

Our pussy willow tree gift is another wonderful token of your love, providing ornamental displays in the garden with its furry catkins. This tree is ideal for larger gardens and will bring joy year after year.

Why not create a personal touch to make your gift extra special? Our engraved plaque and plinth set enables you to add a message of love and mark your favourite spot in the garden.

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