13th (Lace) Anniversary Gifts

Mark 13 years of marriage with your husband or wife with our Lace Anniversary Gifts. Such a landmark occasion needs to be celebrated with gifts as meaningful as the occasion. We have hundreds of tree, rose bushes, and plants to choose from that all make beautiful 13th Anniversary Gifts. Each with unique natural beauty and symbolism. A living, lasting, and symbolic gift will surely be remembered.


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13th Lace Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional theme of 13th wedding anniversary gifts is lace. Send a message of love with a gift that will last a lifetime. We have all manner of trees, plants, and rose bushes to choose from, each with individual natural beauty and symbolism. Watching our gifts flower, fruit, and flourish is fulfilling in ways other gifts can’t achieve.

Fitting with the lace gifts theme, give your soulmate our Emerald Lace Japanese Maple Tree Gift. This ornamental tree has fine leaves, a rounded crown, and vibrant colour in autumn. It is also an enduring symbol of strength, endurance, and fertility, a spectacular way to wish your soulmate years of good health and fortune.

Our native Black Lace Elder Tree Gift stands out from our typical British greenery. The black leaves contrast with the pink blossom of other trees in spring and, in autumn, they turn a deep red colour. This moody and sophisticated tree is striking and happily fits in small gardens.

Treat them to our With Love Rose Gift. Every spring and summer, fragrant, cream-white flowers bloom in abundance, enriching the garden with life and colour.

Add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. Rest assured, you’ll both love these gifts.