1st Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate your first year of marriage with our unique paper anniversary gifts. Trees, roses and plants symbolise the growth of your marriage and are a refreshing alternative to traditional, predictable gifts. Find the perfect present in our selection.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

Your paper wedding anniversary is a special event that shows your marriage has reached its first big milestone. Growing a tree together is a lovely way for a couple to celebrate their marriage year after year. We have a range of beautiful 1st anniversary gifts that will stand the test of time, just like your long and happy marriage.

The paper anniversary is one that we hold dear and should be honoured with the right gift. Our carefully selected trees and plants highlight the love you share and will remind you of those happy times yet to come. You don't need a huge garden to grow trees and plants we have products to suit different garden sizes.

Our Paper 1st anniversary rose bush is the ultimate symbol of passion and eternal love and is ideal for those who don't have much space. The striking Happy Times rose bush is another wonderful gift that allows you to cherish the time you've spent together so far and reflect on everything you've achieved in your marriage.

If you want a gift that keeps on giving, why not grow a lime tree together? These versatile trees produce tasty, succulent fruit up to 4 times a year, making them a fantastic project to embark upon as a couple.

Make your 1st anniversary memorable with a gorgeous tree or plant that carries sentimental value. Each gift is complete with a personalised greeting card of your choice, so you can add your heartfelt message of love.

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