7th (Copper) Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate a 7th year anniversary with our range of Copper Wedding Anniversary Gifts. This milestone is traditionally celebrated with copper theme gifts, but our range includes trees, plants, and rose bushes. Each and every one of our 7th Anniversary Gifts is wonderfully unique, but all of them are living, lasting, and full of meaning. You and your partner will feel fulfilled watching a symbol of your love flourish.

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7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrate another year together with a gift that is as meaningful as the occasion. All of our trees, plants, and rose bushes can be given as resplendent symbols of love and gratitude and they will last for many anniversaries to come.

Bring good fortune and surprise them with our Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree Gift. This ornamental tree offers natural beauty unlike anything else. Its leaves practically glow orange and yellow in spring and autumn, bringing a sense of warmth to any garden. In winter, its green bark is revealed for even more intrigue. This gift is truly unique and will grow for years to come.

Commemorate this special occasion with a Solid Brass Bench Plaque. Write a message that means something to you and your partner and we’ll engrave it on our brass plaque. Your message will last a lifetime!

Order your anniversary presents, add a personalised gift card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.