5 Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

Sustainable Mothers Day gifts can sometimes be hard to come by. After all, we want to find something that’s special and celebrates our mums in the way they truly deserve.

Luckily, we’ve made eco-friendly gift-giving as easy as possible! Whether your mum’s a bit of an eco-warrior or you just want to try and be a little more conscious with your gift-giving this year, browse our guide below for the best sustainable Mother's Day Gifts.

Celebrate both your mum and Mother Earth this Mothers Day!


6 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mothers Day


Native Tree Sapling

Crab Apple Tree Gift

When it comes to planting sustainably in our gardens, native varieties are always best. They are a way to provide the right sort of food and shelter for local wildlife and help to improve the natural biodiversity of the garden.

Our native saplings also hold a lot of important heritage and symbolism from throughout history. For example, let mum know how much she means to you with the Celtic Tree of Love,, or what about the Lady of the Woods?

Mum can plant the tree sapling in a pot in the garden and watch it flourish over the years. We have plenty of Mother's Day Trees to choose from!


Rose Bush Gift

Special Mum Rose Bush Gift

Thinking of sending mum a bunch of cut flowers this year? Why not choose a more sustainable version instead? Both our Special Mum Rose Bush and You Are My Sunshine Rose Gift are like everlasting bunches of flowers. Each year the rose bush will bloom in June for a summer-long display. The blooms are vibrant in colour attracting bees who collect pollen from the flower.

For a gift without mum in the name why not opt for our Thank You Rose Bush Gift or Friendship Rose Bush Gift, both are a delight in the garden with their own interesting fragrances.

A lovely sustainable gift idea for mum on Mothers Day, and a treat for the bees too! Shop more Mothers Day Rose Bushes on our site.


Flowering Tree Gift

Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift

Gift mum a flowering tree that will look absolutely beautiful in her garden. Not only do they look pretty but a lot of early pollinators rely on these early blooming trees when there isn’t much else around.

Flowering trees usually bloom right around Mother’s Day which is perfect for the occasion. Mum will be sure to cherish both the colour and fragrance and all the wildlife that the tree brings to the garden.

Browse our range of stunning magnolia trees which produce large blooms in early spring in a variety of colours.


Indoor Plant Gift

Yucca Plant Gift

For the mums who don’t have a garden, send her a living indoor plant gift instead. Our indoor plants will add greenery to mums home this Mother’s day and turn her space into an urban jungle.

Most of our plants purify the air we breathe, helping to remove harmful toxins and chemicals. (They’re even approved by NASA). Our most popular for Mother's Day Plants for this year are the Yucca Plant and Pineapple Plant.



Garden Gift Voucher

Tree2mydoor Garden Gift Voucher

For the hard to buy mums, send her our garden gift voucher! Our e-gift cards are perfect for sending to mum on Mother’s day especially if you just don’t know which she or plant she’ll prefer.

Once she has received her e-gift card via email she can choose her very own eco-friendly mother's day gift from our selection of trees and plants.

(We might be a little biased) but we think trees and plants make the best sustainable Mothers Day Gifts out there. They can last for tens if not hundreds of years and will keep giving back year after year.

Plus, planting trees is just all-round great for the environment!

You can also add a card to your order at the checkout. All of our greetings cards are created and printed here in the UK and can be recycled or reused after use.