Pineapple Plant Gift

Ananas comosus

3 Months Warranty

This Pineapple Plant Gift comes with a 3 Months Warranty to make sure your recipient is completely happy.

Buy a Pineapple Plant to bring life and colour to your home. This ornamental fruit plant can happily be used for indoor decoration or be given as a housewarming or birthday gift. For those who snore, this house plant releases an enzyme to keep airways open and snoozing sounds to a minimum - the perfect plant for bedrooms and living rooms.

Our ornamental Pineapple Plant arrives in a purpose-made box with a 15cm pot. Its exotic leaves spill over the sides with their brilliant pointed shape. No matter the season, these evergreen leaves remain lush! A pineapple sits on the main stalk like a crowning jewel, releasing sweet fragrances to fill rooms. Just note, this particular pineapple fruit shouldn’t be eaten! Rest assured, you’ll absolutely love this vibrant plant when you display it in your home.

Place your indoor Pineapple plant in full sun and makes sure its soil is moist but well-drained. Click ‘Add to Basket’ to add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.

  • Arrives in a purpose-made box at a height of 55cm (1.5ft!)
  • Delivered in a 15cm pot
  • Pointed, green leaves and pineapple on top of the main stem
  • Pineapple growing is ornamental and inedible
  • Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Pineapple plants produce anti-snore enzymes
  • Our indoor Pineapple Plant is an Ananas comosus variety

Product Details


Light Green, Dark Green
Plant Type
Plant Type
Evergreen (green year round)
Leaves and Foliage
Ultimate Height
Miniature - up to 2m / 6ft 6in

Green leaves

Yellow pineapple fruit

Plant Type
Ornamental indoor fruit plant
Growth Rate
Slow to moderate
Ultimate Height
Small - under 2ft
Air Purifying

Yes, this is an air purifying plant

Pet Friendly
Spiky leaves may cause injury, place out of reach of pets.
Unique Feature

Grows an ornamental pineapple.

Releases an anti-snore enzyme into the air.

Caring Information


Difficulty to Grow

Soil information

Best Soil?
Sand, Peat
Soil Moisture
Moist but well drained
Soil Moisture
Allow 1-2 inch of top soil to dry between waterings

Perfect Location

Sun Position
East-facing, West-facing, Don't know the direction the garden is facing? Add the postcode to Google Maps and zoom in to find out.
Sun Strength
Part Sun, Shade, Don't know the direction the garden is facing? Add the postcode to Google Maps and zoom in to find out.
Suitable for growing indoors in an unheated conservatory or porch, Perfect for growing in patios, Perfect for growing in smaller gardens
Perfect Location
Light Level
Bright light with sun
Moderate, gently mist every few weeks
Temperate, avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes

What's Included

How will it arrive?

Packaged in:
Arrives in a 15cm pot
Supplied in:
Purpose made cardboard box


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