September Tree of the Month 2019 - Victoria Plum

The Victoria Plum Tree is our September Tree of the Month. It’s a fruity delight to have in the garden with its lush green leaves and abundance of ripening fruits from late August and throughout September.

This Victoria Plum is the perfect tree gift for an occasion in September, read on to see why we chose is as our Tree of the Month.


Tree of the Month of September

Victoria Plum Tree Gift

Our Victoria Plum Tree Gift is an extremely popular choice for our customers. Not only are Victoria plums one of the nation's favourites but the tree is a wonderful addition to have in the garden.

For medium and large sized gardens, the full-sized tree will be a perfect fit. It will happily thrive, planted in a sheltered, sunny location in an area with well-draining soil.

If your garden is slightly smaller and you’re more interested in growing a fruit tree in a large container then make sure to check out our smaller Patio Victoria Plum Tree.

In spring, the tree brings delicate white blossoms that will attract bees and other pollinators to the garden. Then throughout the summer, the branches will be adorned with lush green leaves

So why exactly is the Victoria Plum our tree of choice for September? Well, to start with, Victoria Plum Trees are known for producing extreme bumper crops of fruit. These start ripening towards the end of August and are ready for the picking throughout September. The plums can be eaten fresh as soon as they’ve been plucked from the branches but where this plum really excels is in the kitchen.

Victoria Plum Fruits

The versatile fruits can be used in the making of jams and other sweet, baked goods. It holds its shape extremely well and once it’s cooked you will find that the flavour has transformed into something rich and sweet.

The Victoria Plum Tree makes the best gift for a foodie friend on an occasion in September, whether it’s as an anniversary gift, wedding gift or housewarming gift, it’s a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. We find it the most popular for September birthdays! Every year friends and family can have batches of delicious plums right at their fingertips on their special day.

Plum trees delivered in September may arrive with ripening fruits on the branches and as the tree can be planted straight away it can be enjoyed right from the get-go.

You can’t go wrong sending this tree as a gift in September, it’s hardy, reliable and will suit most gardens. Our Victoria plum tree will be delivered in a 10L pot and can be accompanied with an optional greetings cards that can be personalised with your own message. So whatever the occasion, choose a Victoria Plum Tree to send to a loved one in September and let them know you’re thinking about them.

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