October Tree of the Month 2019 - Braeburn Apple Tree Gift

Our featured October Tree of the Month for this beautiful autumn season is the Braeburn Apple Tree Gift. If you’ve been looking for a gift to send this month then look no further.

The late-season apple tree will have ripening fruit upon the branches this month which is why we think it makes the ideal gift for someone with an autumn birthday, especially in October. Each year the ripe apples will be a gift that keeps giving. Read more below for our tree of the month. 


Tree of the Month of October

Braeburn is a late-season apple tree that crops from mid-October onwards. This beautiful tree produces one of the nations favourite eating apples that's both juicy and crisp with a fresh, sweet flavour. The apples can be eaten straight from the branches and each mouthful is as delicious as the last.

Loved ones will be delighted to receive their very own Braeburn Tree on their special day in October and will eagerly await the abundance of large, red-yellow eating apples that will be produced year after year right around their birthday. Imagine that!

Our Braeburn Apple Tree Gift has been grafted onto an M27 rootstock which is dwarfing and restricts the full-sized growth of the tree to around 6ft. This is great news for those with small gardens as it can be kept in a large container on the patio or planted out in the garden without taking up much room. Did we mention that the tree is self-fertile too? This means no other apple tree is needed for it to produce fruit!

From mid-October the apples will be ripe and ready for the picking. To check, place the apple in hand and gently twist. If the fruit comes away easily from the branch with stalk intact then the fruit is just right. Whoever plans to do the harvesting better get in there before the wildlife does, not only favoured by us humans, but squirrels and birds will flock to the apples and gobble them up. If you feel like sharing, leave a few on the branches for the wildlife to enjoy too.

This wonderful fruit tree gift is ideal for October birthdays and many other occasions, a housewarming perhaps or even to celebrate an autumn wedding. It’s unique, long-lasting and gives back year after year, fellow bakers and jam makers will adore their own Braeburn tree in the garden to create batches of homemade baked treats. From crumbles to apple sauces, the possibilities are endless.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on our Braeburn tree as a gift this October then just wait till the tree transforms into its autumn colours. The leaves change to a blaze of reds and oranges just after the fruit has ripened giving way to a bright and colourful autumn display. The leaves then fall and the tree is bare for the winter before once again transforming with a new lease of spring life. White blossom with a blush of pink will explode from the branches attracting pollinators and wildlife to the garden before the lush green leaves appear ready for another summer and the cycle begins once more.

If you think this is the tree you want to send to a loved one on an October occasion. Just click ‘Add to Basket’ and leave the rest to us. We can deliver around the UK and Ireland and the tree will arrive perfectly gift wrapped in a natural hessian bag. You can also add a greetings card with a heartfelt personal message. The tree will be delivered in a 10L pot at a height of approx 1.5m (5ft).


While you’re here, why no check out our October Gift Guide. This is filled to the brim with even more autumn gift inspiration for birthdays and more! If you have any questions be sure to drop us a quick email at care@tree2mydoor.com