September Birthday Gifts

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Summer may be coming to an end but the celebrations definitely aren’t. If you’ve been looking for the perfect September Gift Idea then look no further.

This September Birthday Gifts Guide is filled with unique and long-lasting gifts that are ideal for this month. As autumn approaches and all the fruits come into season you can expect plenty of delicious fruity trees and plants that deliver an annual batch of delicious crop.


Top 5 Green Gifts for September Birthdays


Victoria Plum Tree Gift


A beautiful fruit tree in a 10L pot perfect for medium and large gardens. Gift wrapped and delivered at a height of 150cm. Ideal for a September birthday.

Victoria Plum Tree GiftAs always we start with our Tree of the Month. For September, we chose our Victoria Plum Tree Gift. The fruit starts ripening from late August to early September making this an amazing gift for a foodie with a birthday in September.

An abundance of delicious sweet fruits will ripen just in time for their birthday, the plums can be eaten fresh or cooked into delicious baked good or jams. Victoria plums are favourited by the nation, they become rich in taste when cooked and hold their shape well.

Send the loveable Victoria Plum Tree to a friend with a birthday in September and they will have an annual batch of fresh plum each year. Perfect for a medium or large sized garden the tree will love to be planted in a sunny area of the garden

Delivery Tip: Deliver straight to the recipient so that the tree can be planted and enjoyed straight away. Delivered gift wrapped in a large box.


Berry Box Gift


A collection of  Loganberry and Blackberry Plants delivered gift wrapped in 3L pots. Easy to care for, self-fertile plants with blossom in spring and ripening berries in late summer.

Berry Box GiftThis box of beautiful berry plants is a fantastic gift idea to send this month, the berries will have started ripening throughout August and will be ready for picking all September long. Fellow foodies will sure to be delighted by this gift when they get fresh batches of annual berries on their birthday. Our Berry Box Gift is a pack of 2 fruiting plants. The Blackberry and Loganberry Plants are both in 3L pots and are hardy in UK climates. They will be lush and green at this time of year and make wonderfully unique gifts.

Both plants are easy to look after and will be no trouble at all. They do best when planted out in the garden to enjoy the sun where they will grow and thrive producing berries every year. 

Delivery Tip: Choose the birthday as the nominated day for delivery and get the plants delivered directly so they can be enjoyed from the moment the box is opened.

Rosemary Plant Gift


The Rosemary Plant Gift is fragrant and easy to look after. Delivered gift wrapped and in a 1.5L pot. Perfect for container growing in small gardens and on patios.

Rosemary Plant GiftSeptember is the best month for Rosemary, this is when they’re most fragrant and the sprigs are ready for picking. The herbs that are harvested can be used fresh for a strong flavour or dried to be used throughout the rest of the year. The flavour of rosemary pairs well with meat and poultry and will be loved by an aspiring chef.

Our Rosemary Plant Gift is as fragrant as they come and a very unique gift idea to send for a September birthday. The evergreen plant stays green year-round bringing both life and delicious aromas to the garden.

Rosemary plants are hardy in the UK and are very easy to care for, a great plant for a novice gardener. They are drought resistant and thrive in poorly fertile soil.

Delivery Tip: We can deliver directly to the recipient on a day of your choice. Once delivered, remove from the box and enjoy the heady aromas.


Large Fig Tree Gift


A stunning Large Fig Tree delivered in a 10L pot. Easy to look after and perfect for UK gardens. Annual ripening fruits every September. Delivered gift wrapped with a choice of personalised card.

Large Fig Tree GiftThe fruits from the fig tree are versatile to say the least. They can be eaten straight from the branches, thrown into a salad for a healthy, sweet kick of flavour or be transformed into delicious cakes and other baked treats.Our Fig Trees make the best September birthday gifts. The Brown Turkey Fig variety has luscious green leaves that are unique in their shape. The small fruits will already be ripening on the branches upon delivery and will very soon be ready for picking.

Fig trees are perfect for September occasions simply due to their abundant crop that is produced year after year. They’re ideal for the UK climate and will love to be placed in a sunny location in the garden. Fruiting trees love a lot of sun throughout the year and are thirsty plants once they start fruiting.

Delivery Tip: Once delivered, the tree should be placed outside where the first crop of figs can be enjoyed.

White Grape Vine Gift


The White Grape Vine will be delivered in a gift wrapped 3L pot. Ideal for any sized garden and growing up a trellis or a wall.

White Grape Vine

Send out White Grape Vine gift to a loved one with a birthday in September and they will never forget it. Every year they will be greeted with tasty, bunches of grapes ripening throughout their birthday month.

Our white grape variety is high yielding and disease resistant. The dessert grapes that it produces are delicious to both eat fresh and use in the production of wine. A wine-drinker will love to receive this gift so they can brew their own batch of homemade wine.

Grape vines like to be planted against a trellis or wall so that they can climb. They are a great size for any garden and can be grown in a pot or planted in the ground. As they are used to slightly warmer climates, they do best when grown in an unheated greenhouse or against a south-facing wall.

Delivery Tip: Grapes ripen throughout September so now is the time to send this gift. Choose a nominated day of delivery an get the plant delivered right on the special occasion.

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