Annual Citrus Tree Feed

Citrus Feed

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Buy a years worth of citrus feed with our Annual Citrus Feed Pack. The twin pack contains 1 tub of summer citrus feed and 1 tub of winter citrus feed.

The summer citrus feed is ideal for any citrus tree variety and can be applied weekly from April to September. The high nitrogen fertiliser supports the growth of new, healthy green leaves and prevents the premature ripening of fruits to limit fruit drop throughout the summer season. 

Provide everything your citrus tree needs through autumn and winter with the winter citrus feed. Citrus trees can produce fragrant blossom year-round so it’s important they get a steady supply of nutrients, even in the winter. Providing nourishment through the colder months will maintain balanced growth and help prevent leaf drop and discolouration. Apply on a monthly basis from October to March.

  • 1 x Summer Citrus Feed
  • 1 x Winter Citrus Feed
  • Apply summer feed weekly from April to September
  • Apply winter feed monthly from October to March
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of feed in 2.5L (4 pints) of water
  • Allow water to come to room temperature before watering