Large Fruit Trees for Sale

Our range of large fruit trees for sale contains a wide variety of trees perfect for growing in medium and large-sized gardens. From varieties of apples and pears to plums and cherries, our fruit trees are grown on vigorous rootstocks to ensure the highest quality crop possible.


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Large Fruit Trees
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Large Varieties of Fruit Trees

Being able to pick your own fruit and eat it straight from the tree is so rewarding. Browse our large range of fruit trees for sale to find the perfect selection of trees for your garden.

Nothing beats the taste of a crisp eating apple or even better, homemade apple crumble. Choose from a delicious James Grieve or the heavy cropping Bramley Apple for a fresh autumn harvest year after year. Both delivered in a 12L pot and grown on an MM106 rootstock so they will grow to 12ft in height.

Both our cherry trees and plum trees are very popular and will produce an abundance of juicy fruits in the summer and in the spring the garden will be filled with beautiful white and pink blossom.

Our large Williams' Bon Chrétien Pear Tree is in a 12L pot and grafted onto the Quince A rootstock and will grow to 13ft in height. The large juicy pears are highly recommended for their delicious, sweet flavour.

If you don’t have enough room for a large fruit tree in your garden then browse our selection of dwarf fruit trees for sale instead. We have everything from dwarf apple trees, plum trees and cherry trees.

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