Cherry Trees for Sale

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of enjoying fruit that you’ve grown in your own garden. Our range of cherry trees for sale includes everything from dwarf trees to blossoming varieties.


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Choosing Your Tree

Cherries taste best when you've invested the time and effort into growing them yourself. A cherry tree is a wonderful addition to a garden, producing sweet-tasting fruit for jelly, jam, pies and tarts. We also provide an array of beautiful blossoming trees that have an elegant display of white, pink and purple blossoms throughout the year.

Fruit Varieties

We have a variety of sizes to suit different spaces and preferences. If you have limited space, the lovely Cinderella dwarf tree is ideal for patios or decking. The Stella tree produces crops of succulent cherries for you to enjoy straight after picking, and its compact size makes it perfect for smaller gardens.

Blossoming Trees

Our blossoming trees really create an impact with their colourful appearance. The wild cherry tree, also known as the Love Tree, is great for medium or large gardens. Even though the fruit isn't edible, the stunning blossoms will nonetheless brighten up your outdoor space. Another gorgeous option is the royal burgundy flowering tree with its striking hues of pale pink and deep red.

Cherry trees are suitable for growing all over the UK and thrive in well-drained soil. Each tree arrives with an informative care guide, giving you the advice you need to maintain your tree.

Why not treat someone to a unique cherry tree gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Christenings?