Dwarf Fruit Trees for Sale

A patio is just as good as an orchard when it comes to our dwarf fruit trees for sale. Whether your garden is big or small we’ll have something to fit you.

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Choosing your Dwarf Fruit Tree

Our dwarfing fruit trees might be small, but what they lack in height they make up for with beautiful foliage and delicious crops. They are grafted onto small rootstocks meaning they are still able to produce full-sized fruits without the tree growing big. This makes them great for small gardens and patios.

One of the cutest trees in our collection is the crimson bonfire peach tree. With stunning green and burgundy leaves, it is a popular choice with many people. When it comes to late Summer you will find the beautiful pink blooms will have turned into lovely ripe peaches ready to eat.

A tree that stands out from the crowd is the red love apple tree. The green of the leaves contrasts the red apples like nothing else and the colour of the skin runs right through to the centre. A nice surprise that's different from the usual white flesh apple.

Our small trees are happy to be kept in pots their whole lifetime so why not jazz them up with a pot from our collection. The pots are weather resistant so will protect your plant's roots from the cold harsh UK weather while adding heaps of style at the same time.

Head over to our blog for information on caring for your trees and also recipes to get the most of your fruit. Order a tree today and get free delivery on orders over £50.