New Dad Gift Ideas and Gardening Gifts for Fathers

Buy a tree as a gift to send to your dad. We have an imaginative range of tree gifts to choose from, have a browse of our gifts for your father below and choose the one that he will enjoy most in his garden for many years to come.

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Present Buying Guide for Dads

He spun you around and you spent countless hours resting. Hes chased monsters and nightmares and taken care of you when you were ill. Now its his birthday or special occasions gifts and you need to purchase a gift that says thank you and reminds him of how special he is to you.

When it comes to choosing a gift for dad, there are literally thousands to choose from, which makes a gardening gift a perfect alternative to the same old type of present dad might be used to getting. Even if your father isnt a gardener, were confident that well have a tree gift that he will love based on his hobbies and interests. Take a look at some of our suggestions:

For the 'Dad with a Sweet Tooth'
Chocolates and yummy desserts arent just for the girls, you know. If your dad has a proper sweet tooth and also enjoys spending some time in the kitchen, consider getting him one of our Braeburn apple trees. The mighty Braeburn has been called the daddy of all desert apples and is the essential ingredient in an apple crumble or turnover. Whats more, a Braeburn tree is low maintenance, bringing forth its fruit in late autumn.

For the 'Outdoorsy Dad'
Is your dad interested in the great outdoors, choosing to spend hours on the weekend heading out with a walking stick and guidebook, looking for adventure? Our extensive collection of tree gifts are always a big hit with nature lovers and the outdoorsy dad would be no exception. If your dad enjoys foraging in the forest for wild nuts and berries and enjoys living off the land, consider giving him his very own Horse Chestnut tree. When the nuts fall from the tree they can be harvested and roasted for a perfect all-natural snack.

For the 'Protective Dad'
When were younger, we look up to our dads and trust that theyll protect us from harmful environments. The role of protector is one that many dads take up and endorse wholeheartedly, promising to stop at nothing to ensure that their family is well looked after and cared for. If your dad was always there to be protect you, consider saying thank you with a unique blackthorn gift - a symbol of protection and strength. The strong wood of the Blackthorn Tree is often used to make walking sticks, offering support even after the tree has been uprooted and the fruits of the tree are used to make the sweet-tasting sloe gin. A blackthorn is the perfect balance of strength and sweetness, just like a dad.

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