Gifts for Friends

If you are looking for gifts for your friends, have you considered sending one of our lovely plants and trees as gifts? They make wonderful long-lasting and sustainable gift ideas.
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Gifts for Friends Buying Guide

 Send a gift and leave a lasting impression on the best friends that mean the most to you. These unique friendship gifts serve as a reminder of your love and appreciation for these platonic soulmates! We have all kinds of trees, fruit plants, and rose bushes to choose from. You'll without a doubt find something perfect for your friends. 

Give our Dwarf Cherry Tree Gift to a friend that's a health nut or just adores fresh fruit. This outdoor patio tree has white cherry blossoms that will appear in April closely followed by leaves that hang down to catch all those lovely sunbeams, while bursts of cherries form bulging clusters so that friends will have bountiful cherries year after year! 

Our Best Friends Forever Rose Bush Gift has beautiful sentiment and stunning beauty. In late spring, red-pink roses bloom in the summer months, revealing their vibrant colour and delicate perfume. A perfect gift for friends who know how to appreciate nature's beauty. 

Send the Friendship Willow Hedging Pack to friends and family deserving of a unique and pretty gift. This incredible plant is decorative with the most interesting appearance out of all of our plants. It enriches gardens with a beautiful woven style and brings a certain funk to your friend's home.

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