Send Orange Trees as Gifts

Send one of our Orange Trees to friends and family and they most certainly won’t forget it. Their evergreen leaves look splendid in every season and vibrant flowers and fruits will appear throughout the year. Besides being superb ornamental plants, these gifts give loved ones the simple but satisfying experience of picking homegrown fruit for slicing, juicing, and cooking.

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Send Orange Trees by Post

Each plant in our Orange Trees range is subtly different from the other so you are sure to find one that is perfect for the occasion or person you need it for. Our orange, satsuma, calamondin, mandarin, and tangerine trees can all be used for their culinary needs. We also offer a wider range of delightful citrus tree gifts to choose from.

Our Orange Tree Gift has evergreen leaves for lush green splendour that lasts year-round. Friends and family will be delighted by the white flowers that fill the air with their sweet perfume. Not long after, small fruits will start to appear, ripening into large succulent oranges ready for picking, eating and juicing.

In Eastern culture, orange trees are enduring symbols of prosperity and happiness, the perfect sentiments to send for anniversaries, birthdays and even as unique housewarming gifts.

Citrus plants thrive in bright, indirect light, so place them in an unheated greenhouse, conservatory or patio. Making fruit is thirsty work, so keep the compost moist but not wet. Mist the leaves regularly to increase the humidity and add summer or winter citrus feed a few times a year to keep the tree in perfect condition.

If you need more information on caring for orange trees, then take a look at our orange tree care guide.

Send one of our orange trees by post and our devoted gardeners will handpick a healthy specimen, beautifully gift-wrap it, and send it on its way. Complete your gift with a personalise greetings card and choose a nominated delivery date. Get free delivery on orders over £99.