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The best orange trees available for order today. Order an orange tree and pick from our range of personalised greetings cards for the perfect tree gift.

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High Quality Orange Trees by Post

Growing orange trees indoors is ideal for our UK climate, it also means we get to enjoy them from the comfort of our own homes. Send a loved one their very own orange tree gift and watch them indulge in the Mediterranean flavours and fragrances. Friends and family will love being able to pluck their own oranges straight from the branches.

Orange tree varieties are evergreen and have shiny green leaves. Year after year the tree will produce deliciously scented white blossoms followed by tiny fruitlets which will slowly ripen into the large, juicy oranges we know and love. The fruits can take upto 12 months to fully ripen but theyre definitely worth the wait! The ripe oranges are perfect for eating fresh, using in cooking or even making your own freshly squeezed orange juice.

Want to try something a little different? Why not choose a sweet satsuma or mandarin tree instead. Satsumas are the most cold hardy of the citrus family and are known for their easy to peel fruit.

Theres nothing cuter than our mini calamondin tree! Its supplied in a 1L pot and is the perfect citrus tree starter gift. The small fruits are sour to taste but eaten whole with the sweeter flavoured peel will counteract the acidity to leave you wanting more.

We even have summer and winter citrus feed perfect for every variety. Pair with your gift and make sure the tree stays in tip top condition all year round.

We send out all of our gorgeous trees hand gift wrapped with your choice of personalised greetings card. Fast UK delivery starting at next day from Monday to Thursday before 11am.