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Whether you’re naturally green-fingered or a complete gardening novice, we’ve got a plant for you in our range of garden plants for sale. Choose from flowering plants, fruit bushes and rose bushes to create your beautiful outdoor space.


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Bring Your Garden to Life

Growing plants brings an array of colours to your garden and produces heavenly perfumes. Its a fun and rewarding activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you dont have much space.

Rose bushes are some of the most popular plants because of their beautiful and distinctive colours. Choose a vibrant rose bush from our stunning patio, floribunda and hybrid tea varieties and your garden will be bursting with colour in no time.

Go beyond the aesthetic value and select one of our fruit-bearing plants. Our blueberry plants are ideal for small gardens, producing an annual crop of sweet, juicy berries. Use them in cakes, pies and ice creams or add them to your morning pancakes. We also have red and white grapevines that produce small, flavourful fruits each year.

You can even grow herbs in your garden with our fragrant rosemary bushes. The rosemary plant has an assortment of lovely colours, producing purple flowers to contrast with the bold green herbs. This is a plant that will certainly stimulate the senses.

We offer a whole raft of garden trees to enhance your outdoor space and complement your plants. Spend over £99 at Tree2mydoor and get free delivery.