Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are well known for their large, impeccably-formed blooms and pointed buds. Instead of a clustered blooming habit, each large flower sits on a long, single stem making them the most popular roses supplied by British florists. Buy hybrid tea roses online as living gifts for many occasions.

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Buy Hybrid Tea Roses Online

Hybrid tea roses were created by cross-breeding hybrid perpetuals with tea roses. They’re known to be hardier than tender tea roses and more constructed and fragrant than floribunda roses.

The variety is repeat flowering so the beauty can be enjoyed all summer long. Most grow upright and will reach between 75cm - 2m depending on variety, growing conditions and how often they’re pruned.

These elegant flowers make unforgettable gifts for just about any occasion. To cherish important memories you’ve shared with friends and family members, the Loving Memories Rose Bush Gift is ideal. Its red, well-formed blooms are a delight for the garden and will 

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