Rose Bushes for Sale

We have a selection of beautiful rose bushes for sale to add a splash of colour to your garden. Choose from patio, floribunda, hybrid teas and many more.

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Our Collection of Roses

Roses are popular plants because of their elegant appearance and distinctive scent. They bloom throughout spring and summer and are fairly easy to maintain. We have many varieties available to suit large and small gardens.

Hybrid teas are one of the most common varieties supplied by British florists. They're robust, vibrant and likely to flower repeatedly, making them a great addition to your garden.

Our patio roses are ideal for smaller gardens and decking because of their compact size. A cross between dwarf floribunda and miniature varieties, these bushes can be pot grown and are low maintenance. Their rich blooms are sure to brighten up any garden or suitable space.

Floribunda roses also introduce a burst of colour, providing a large spray of flowers when in full bloom. These are produced by crossing polyantha and hybrid teas and tend to be hardy. Although they're suitable for pot growing, they thrive in borders and plant beds.

Our roses are cut back every August and delivered all year round. Bushes purchased from October will start to show growth in April/May and will develop throughout spring and summer.

Please note that bushes delivered between autumn and spring may be cut back and contain few flowers or leaves. See our blog for information on caring for your roses.

Why not treat a loved one to our lovely rose gifts?