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Whether you’re looking for small trees to spruce up your patio or larger varieties for more spacious gardens, we have something for you in our collection of garden trees for sale. Choose from fruit trees, flowering trees and more.


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Trees for All Gardens

Trees and bushes dont just provide an aesthetic element to gardens, they also introduce a breath of fresh air and create a haven for wildlife. Luckily, you dont need a huge garden to be able to reap the benefits of growing trees. Here at Tree2mydoor, we have a variety of trees to suit all garden sizes.

Small Gardens

Having a small garden doesnt mean you cant create your own beautiful outdoor environment. Our small bay tree is ideal if you have limited space. Bay leaves are well known for their cooking properties and nicely complement most stews and casseroles. Our twisted olive tree is another great choice, especially if you love cooking. Olives are popular in Mediterranean recipes as they enhance the flavour of food and make tasty snacks too.

Many of our fruit trees are also perfect for small and medium sized gardens. Grow your own juicy berries with our blueberry plants and add them to your morning pancakes or even bake them in muffins.

Medium and Large Gardens

If you have a roomier garden, why not brighten it up with a flowering tree? Our royal burgundy flowering cherry tree has striking wine-coloured leaves that are sure to make your garden look beautiful throughout the year. The snowy white flowers on our star magnolia tree also make a standout feature in any garden.

We have plenty of fruit tree varieties to suit more spacious gardens, like our fig and apple trees. Our brown turkey fig tree produces gorgeous fruits to make yummy desserts (thats if you don't eat them on the way from the tree to the kitchen). Grow apples with our popular Queen Cox apple tree to make pies, crumbles and other mouth-watering desserts.

You can also browse our range of garden plants and expand your collection. Shop for trees today and get free delivery when you spend over £50.