Cherry Blossom Trees for Sale

Known as ‘sakura’ in the Japanese language, the cherry blossom is their national flower. A symbol of hope and renewal, large festivals are held every year to view the amazing blooms. Browse our collection of stunning cherry blossom trees for sale.

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Flowering Ornamental Trees for the Garden

The beautiful ornamental trees produce an abundance of delicate pink or white blossoms around April time. Although these trees dont fruit, they make up for it with the spectacular spring display of stunning pastel colours.

One of the more unique looking cherry blossom trees is the royal burgundy. The dark purple leaves are an amazing contrast from the pale spring flowers and the tree will definitely stand out from the rest of the garden.

The low hanging branches give the cheals weeping tree a wonderful shape. Its one of the smaller varieties, perfect for container growing and brightening up the patio. Watch it grow as the blossom seems to cascade down the branches all the way to the floor. We also have other dwarfing trees available that are ideal for small gardens.

The wild cherry is a part of our tree gift pack range and are a popular addition to the christening and wedding tree gift packs. Its easy to see why when the blossom forms reminding us of Spring and new beginnings.

Check out the care guide on our blog to get the most out of your tree and make sure it thrives for many years. All of our trees are UK grown and are packed up with love and care to make sure theyre delivered in the best condition.