Camellia Plants for Gifts

Send a beautiful Camellia as a Gift from our stunning range of Camellia Plants for special occasions. Perfect gift ideas for Christmas and celebrations in the Winter months including Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries.

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Camellia Plants Gift Guide

Camellia plants are native to South East Asia and have been widely used for their decorative flowers for millenia. Tea is also made from the leaves of theCamellia sinensis.Our special range of Camellia Gifts come complete with a full colour name and care label, delivered to the address of your choice within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Camellia plants are all evergreen and produce shiney dark emerald green leaves year round. Small buds start to form each Autumn that slowly develop into bright and colourful flowers during our Winter months (November to Feburary).

Winter Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are looking for an unusual anniversary gift for delivery between November and Feburary, we thoroughly recommend sending one of our Anniversary Camellia Plant Gifts. Choose between the Celebrations and Congratulations varieties to more specific Golden Anniversary, Silver Anniversary and Ruby Anniversary Camellia varieties. Many of our customers will choose Camellia gifts over rose gifts throughout the Winter months because Camellia plants will flower during mid Winter, whilst Rose bushes only flower during Summer months.

Winter Birthday Gift Ideas

Brighten up the dark days of Winter with a Happy Birthday Camellia Gift. The evergreen plant will produce an abundance of flowers between November and Feburary each year, making the Happy Anniversary Camellia Gift a best seller for Winter Birthdays at Tree2mydoor.

Colourful Christmas Plant Gifts

Send a gift wrapped Camellia plant as a Christmas gift this year. Choose from the Yuletide Camellia Plant Gift or opt for the Celebrations Camellia Plant to bring a splash of Festive colour to your friends and families gardens around the UK and Ireland.

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