Yellow Trees & Plants

Send a gift from our range of Yellow Trees and Yellow Plants. This radiant colour looks exceptional in nature, whether its bright yellow roses or burnt yellow leaves. Yellow has plenty of positive symbolism and is associated with many traditions and occasions. Browse our range and find the right yellow gift for the person or occasion you need it for!


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Buy a Stunning Yellow Tree or Plant

The colour yellow is a symbol of hope, happiness, freshness, and warmth. It is a comforting colour, perfect for both celebratory occasions and times of remembrance and loss.

Celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays with our Golden Showers Climbing Rose Gift. Loved ones will wait excitedly for spring and summer when dark green leaves arrive and golden yellow flowers bloom in abundance. This easy to grow gift offers life, colour, and fragrance and is sure to bring joy for years to come.

Our Golden Beauty Birch Tree is a beautiful native tree. Its unique cracked-white bark is naturally elegant all year-round, but it’s the leaves that steal the show. Throughout the year the tree produces unique foliage with a serrated edge, each leaf is a stunning shade of bright yellow-green.

Customers treasure our Lemon Tree Gift for the bright yellow lemons it produces throughout the year. This evergreen fruit tree offers year-round splendour and vibrant fruits with zesty flavour. Picking, slicing, and squeezing homegrown lemons for drinks and recipes is simply satisfying.

Be sure to check the care guidelines for a gift before sending it to friends or family Add a personalised card and nominate a day for delivery. Our expert gardeners will beautifully gift-wrap your yellow coloured gifts.