Citrus Tree Winter Care Guide

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Tree Care Guide: How to care for Your Citrus Fruit Tree This Winter

For today’s blog, I will be going through some of the major do’s and don’ts for making sure your Citrus Tree is in tip top, sprightly condition this winter.

With the weather getting colder each day, inevitably the temperatures inside your home will be going up as you grab for the nearest dial to whack the heat up.  If your lemon tree is currently being kept directly inside the house, then stop! Despite citrus trees being classed as 'indoor trees', they  don’t like direct heat and don't really flourish if they are kept in your stuffy front room. Citrus trees will flourish in places with good air circulation and where they can receive plenty of light, so a porch area for example would be perfect.

Watering your citrus tree at this time, is something that requires a little extra thought. But in all honesty, all you need to do is to watch when the soil has completely dried out and then water your plant then. Citrus trees do not like to stand in water; if they do too often then the roots will rot. At this time of year moisture may retain in the soil longer than it did in the summer, so your tree may require watering at different times than you did in the summer, so be careful not to just fall into the same watering habits. Remember that water straight from your taps during winter months might be icy cold, so I do recommend keeping a water filled container at room temperature to prevent any shock to your tree. The best advice is really, just to follow these simple steps and you won’t go wrong when it comes to watering citrus plants.

Winter is also the season when your citrus fruit tree will hopefully be developing juicy fruits. When it comes to picking your fruit, there are no hard and fast rules about the best time to do this. The best advice in this is to look at the colouring and then to decide for yourself when the fruit looks ripe. If your tree is fairly young, then a good tip to promote growth is to harvest your fruit as soon as it looks ripe. This should encourage growth in years to come.

Citrus Tree Winter FeedA quick little tip; in winter, citrus trees really benefit from a change in their feed. Try our winter citrus feed if you are worried about the condition of your tree this winter. It helps to maintain a strong crop of fruit and protect foliage.

I hope this quick tip guide has been useful for anyone who owns a Lemon, Lime or Orange Tree and for those who are perhaps thinking about getting one of our citrus trees for Christmas, but you’re not sure how to care for it. If you would like to know more, then join us on our Facebook page and ask a question on there, or follow us on Twitter for more hints and tips this season.

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