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December Birthday Gift Ideas


Looking for a December birthday gift this month for that person who’s really hard to buy for? Do they already have everything they could ever possibly need and with Christmas around the corner you want a gift that is just a little more special this year?

Take a look at our December Gift Ideas for inspiration on sending a unique and extraordinary gift this month.


December Birthday Gift Ideas


Elder Tree gift



Make a Hedgerow Sponge CakeAccording to the Celtic Lore, each lunar month is ruled by a different tree. That means each one of us has a tree zodiac sign as well as our astrological one. The final lunar month in the Celtic Tree Calendar falls between 25th November - 23rd December and is ruled by the Elder Tree.


Elder is multi-stemmed tree giving it a more shrub-like shape and can it can live as long as 60 years. It can grow to a height of 15m (50ft) if left unpruned so is well suited to medium and large sized gardens however they can be grown in a pot for those who do have smaller gardens.


If sending someone their very own zodiac tree wasn’t enough to sway you towards the wonderful little elder tree then you’re missing out. The dark coloured elderberries can be used to make elderberry wine and jam and the flowers can be turned into the fragrant elderflower cordial or even flavoured gin. The perfect birthday gift for a home cook that would like to try and make their own deliciously flavoured food and drinks.


All of our native saplings are dormant at this time of year meaning they are looking a little bare but they are delivered in a specially designed box with the roots all wrapped in a hessian bag meaning they still make a lovely gift. As they are dormant this is a great time for planting, as long as there is no frost or frozen ground.


Delivery Tip: As the sapling is dormant it can be kept in a cool garage or shed until it’s ready to be planted in the spring.


The Celtic Tree Calendar restarts on the 24th December and this month is ruled by the Birch Tree. Keep an eye out for it featured in January’s gift guide.



Holly Tree Gift



Our featured December Tree of the Month is our gorgeous Holly Tree Sapling. It makes a fabulously unique stocking filler and can be delivered just before Christmas.


The sapling is slow growing when young and is perfect for growing in a pot. With regular pruning, it will stay at a nice, manageable size. Once the sapling has become more established it is one of the easiest trees to care for.


This sapling is a unique birthday gift with a festive twist, holly is a traditional Christmas plant that will add greenery to a garden. When the rest of the trees are bare, this one will be glowing.


Delivery Tip: Get this sapling delivered straight to the recipient's door. Even at this time of year, it can be planted outside as soon as it’s been received as holly trees are a hardy variety. As long as the ground isn’t frozen.



Lemon Tree Gift



Lemon Tree GiftLemon trees are great for this time of year, their evergreen foliage is looking lovely and lush right now. These trees are super productive as well and can blossom and fruit up to 4 times a year! This means they’ll be a fresh supply of lemons on hand that be picked, sliced and placed in a refreshing birthday G&T year after year. Ahh, delicious.


Our lemon trees are well established, strong tree that is supplied in a 5L pot. It can be kept indoors in any bright and airy space away from central heating and cold drafts. While citrus trees require a little more care when it comes to keeping it happy it’s nothing following our lemon tree care guide can’t help with. A birthday gift that will make a house feel like a home and fill a conservatory or enclosed porch with bright colours and sweet zesty fragrances from the fruits and blossom.


Delivery Tip: Order a lemon tree now for early delivery. Please note that we do stop dispatching our lemon trees during prolonged periods of severe cold weather (under 0 for more than 2 days)



Olive Bush Gift



Olive Bush GiftAnother evergreen variety perfect for a December birthday is our Olive Bush. As a staple in the Mediterranean diet, olives are great for munching on as a snack or for creating tasty tapas dishes. If you know someone with a love for all things Mediterranean whether it’s the food or the weather, this plant will bring a little ray of sunshine on their birthday. The olive tree is steeped in mythology and is a symbol of peace, they have been known to live for thousands of years so it really would be the birthday gift of a lifetime.


Our Olive Bushes are delivered in 2L pots and they are great for small gardens and patios they’re surprisingly hardy in the UK weather, however, they love a good 6 hours of sun a day. A lovely southern garden would give this Olive bush a great home.


Delivery Tip: Olive bushes are surprisingly hardy to the UK weather, it can be placed in the garden as soon as it is delivered.



Mini Calamondin Tree Gift



Mini Calamondin Tree GiftCalamondin fruits are a perfect balance of sweet and sour. A delight for the senses, the tree looks absolutely stunning and smells divine. The ideal birthday gift for a fruit lover. Imagine the look on their face when they open the box to find this little beauty on their birthday. Not many people know that both the skin and the flesh of the fruit can be eaten, the skin is a little sweeter which complements the tart flavour inside.


The tree is delivered in a 1L pot and will love a sunny spot on a windowsill. They stay at a small size and will just need repotting every couple of years to give it a little more room to grow.


Delivery Tip: Calamondin trees are slightly more cold hardy than other citrus varieties, however, still won’t tolerate the outdoor UK winter weather.


Order Now for Christmas


Christmas is so close now, you can almost touch it now! Take a look at our 7 best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners for some unique gift ideas this Christmas. We have Holly Trees, Bay Trees and plenty of Mini Christmas Trees that are all perfect for the festive season!


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