Japanese Garden Gifts

Japanese Garden gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for someone you love? Is it hard to find something that is unique and meaningful, yet affordable at the same time? Look no further than Japanese garden plant gifts! Whether your recipient is a Japan enthusiast or just want to surprise someone special with a thoughtful token of gratitude, this list will provide plenty of ideas – especially if you’re short on time. Not only will these gifts serve as beautiful reminders of special moments shared, but they also bring positive energy into any home!


Why a Japanese Garden Gift?

Japanese gardens provide a unique and calming respite for those who visit them. Japanese gardens, with their carefully planned landscapes, use design elements such as trees, plants, rocks, sand and water as symbols to convey deep spiritual meaning. Japanese garden plants often symbolise ideas related to nature such as fortune and destiny, prompting visitors to pause and contemplate the deeper meanings within the garden’s environment. Japanese gardens are carefully-crafted works of art meant to be enjoyed both inside and outside of Japan. Bringing a Japanese garden into your life can symbolise something special for you or make an ideal Japanese gift for friends, family or someone special in your life.

Shopping for Japanese gifts can be fun, especially when it comes to using garden gifts as inspiration. There are so many beautiful Japanese garden plants that make the perfect gift, like the noble Cherry Tree which add a unique touch of tranquil beauty. Magnolias and Jasmine trees bring fragrance and colour to outdoor spaces as well as Japanese Maple Trees for statement colour and structure.


Our Favourite Japanese Inspired Gifts

Susan Magnolia Tree Gift 

Buy them a Susan Magnolia tree for some early spring blossoms, this early riser will bring life and colour back into open spaces early in the year. Blooming from as early as March/April each year, the Susan Magnolia is famous for its fragrant pink flowers and is easily cared for in smaller spaces.

image of a susan magnolia tree gift

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree Gift

Alternatively, if the person you’re looking to buy a gift for loves bolder shapes and colours, the Bloodgood Japanese Maple is favoured for its year-round charm. The striking red foliage is paired with a deep-red trunk and in the summer, this delightful gift produces winged, red fruit!

Image of a blood good japanese maple

Cherry Tree Gifts

 For something a little juicier, then you could choose one of our fabulous Cherry Tree Gifts! Whether you’re looking for a delightful patio variety of cherry tree, such as our Dwarf Cherry, or something a little larger, like the Sunburst Cherry or the Cinderella Cherry Tree. These flowering and fruiting delights will make your loved ones day extra special!

Image of a Cherry Tree Gift

Star Jasmine Tree Gift

Lastly, don't forget Star Jasmine - this fragrant Japanese Tree will add years of light fragrance and attract pollinators to your loved ones garden! This easy to care for tree brings elegant blooms in the spring making it the perfect gift for the first half of the year Get these tree gifts today and make sure that special someone's ho-hum backyard becomes a stunning Japanese paradise.


Image if a Star Jasmine Gift

Japanese gardens have a long and rich history that has been passed down for generations. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for someone special in your life, consider one of these five popular gifts associated with this type of garden.