August Gifts Guide

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be difficult but with our August Gifts Guide, you can find the best unique, long-lasting gifts for August.

August is a wonderful month to be celebrating something or someone special, summer is in full swing and it’s a really exciting time of the year. Our August Gifts Guide is a complete list of all the best trees and plants you should send as gifts this month. 

What could be a better August gift idea than a tree bearing ripening fruits for those delicious summer recipes?

August Birthday Gift Ideas

Hazel Tree Gift


A small tree sapling arrives at a height of 40 cm where with proper care it can grow to 12m, suitable for large gardens, and will be gift-wrapped in a hessian bag ready for planting. 

Kicking off our August gift guide is our Hazel Truffle Tree, it is a gift for nature lovers and foodies alike. It’s a well-known UK native hazel tree that produces delicious hazelnuts! August is the perfect time to send this tree sapling gift to a loved one as they are still in full leaf before it will be transforming into their beautiful autumn colors and produce hazelnuts.

The Hazel tree is the Celtic Horoscope sign for people born from August 5th to September 1st which is what makes it to the top of our list for August birthday presents. While it may seem small now, hazel trees can grow quite large making them better suited to larger gardens.

With Love Rose gift


With Love Rose Gift

It would not be a Tree2mydoor gift guide without the inclusion of one of our favourite roses! The With Love rose is a beautiful patio rose that is fully hardy to the colder British weather.

In summer, the rose will grow beautiful pure-white flowers that produce a delicate scent, this will be a huge favourite for the local bees, birds and butterflies too. This delightful plant gift will be delivered beautifully wrapped and ready to be enjoyed for any August birthday.

Mini Kaffir Lime Tree


mini kaffir lime tree

The Mini Kaffir Lime Tree is a real beauty. Bright green leaves that have an exquisite glossy sheen and the limes are just as gorgeous, inside and out - greens of light and dark with a charming bumpy texture.

But don’t be mistaken, the Kaffir Lime Tree is more than a pretty face. Its leaves will give recipes a wonderful zest and aroma - a perfect August Gift for those who love whipping up a Thai recipe.

Kaffir Lime Trees are evergreen meaning they continue to look beautiful throughout the winter months too. A living plant gift that not only looks stunning but is practical too. 

Red Grapevine gift


red grapevine gift

You might be a little surprised to see our Red Grapevine Gift on this list. Traditionally, grapevines are found in the sunny Mediterranean for use in desserts and wine, but this plant gift is ideal for growing in the much cooler British climate.

In sunnier weather, the vines can be grown outside, but in cooler weather, the plant will need to be kept in a greenhouse. Making it an ideal gift for someone who already has a pair of green thumbs! In August, the grapes will be ripe and ready for eating making them the perfect summertime gift.

Blueberry Plant Gift



blueberry plant gift

If you’re looking for something unusual and unique you’ve just found it. The Blueberry Plant is a great twist on the traditional plant gift, the bright blue berries will grow in late summer and are ideal for eating off the bush or cooking with. 

It is worth noting that our Blueberries are self-fertile meaning that they produce bounties of berries without human input, making them a really great plant gift for gardeners of all skill levels.

Star Jasmine Gift


Send one of our Star Jasmine Gifts to someone special as the perfect August gift, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or even as a wedding present, we believe that this tree is a really beautiful choice. 

The small, white blooms produced by this tree are known for their strong fragrance, ideal as a fragrant addition to the garden of those you love. This hardy tree is also a variety of evergreen, meaning that it will bring colour to every outdoor space, even after August has drawn to a close.