August Gifts Guide

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Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be difficult but with our August Gifts Guide, you can find the best unique, long-lasting gifts for August.

August is a wonderful month to be celebrating something or someone special, summer is coming to an end but not before all the celebrations are over. Our August Gifts Guide is a complete list of all the best trees and plants you should send as gifts this month. 

What could be a better August gift idea than a tree bearing ripening fruits for those delicious summer recipes?

August Birthday Gift Ideas

Hazel Tree Gift

A small tree sapling delivered 30-50cm in height. Gift wrapped in a hessian bag ready for planting. Suited to large garden growing to 20ft (6m) in height.


Kicking off our August gift guide is our Tree of the Month. This month it went to our charming little Hazel Tree Gift. It’s a gift for nature lovers and foodies alike.

August is the perfect time to send a tree sapling gift to a loved one. They are still in full leaf but will soon be transforming into their autumn colours and producing hazelnuts.

The Hazel tree is the Celtic Horoscope sign for people born from August 5th to September 1st which is what takes it to the top of our list for August birthday presents. While it may seem small now, hazel trees can grow quite large making them better suited to larger gardens.

Delivery Tip:

Hazel trees delivered in August should be kept outdoors in a part shady position and watered when needed, preferably in the morning.

Kaffir Lime Tree

£59.99 (£29.98 for our Mini Kaffir Lime Tree)

A fragrant citrus tree delivered in a gift wrapped 5L pot. The perfect addition to a loved one conservatory especially if they love cooking.

The leaves of the Kaffir Lime Tree are the most exquisite deep green with a glossy sheen. The limes are just as gorgeous, inside and out - greens of light and dark with a charming bumpy texture.

But don’t be mistaken, the Kaffir Lime Tree is more than a pretty face. Its leaves will give recipes a wonderful zest and aroma - a perfect August Gift for those who love whipping up a Thai recipe.

Kaffir Lime Trees are evergreen meaning they continue to look beautiful throughout the winter months too. A living gift that not only looks stunning but is practical too. Send someone this wonderful citrus for their birthday in August, their taste buds will never forget it.

Delivery Tip:

The Kaffir Lime Tree is of Asian origin, as such, it is best suited for the indoors in the UK; an unheated conservatory, a bright airy hallway, or a porch will make a great home for the Kaffir Lime Tree. This citrus tree thrives in potted environments, but be sure to give the soil proper drainage.

Katy Apple Tree

A cute dwarfing apple tree with ripening fruit in August, delivered in a gift wrapped 10L pot by our premium courier service.


Our August Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without our lovely Katy Apple Tree Gift a delightful addition to any garden. This apple tree is easy to look after and produces bright red apples that ripen throughout August and will be ready for picking not long after. What more could you want from an August birthday gift?

The fruits have a sweet and acidic flavour which makes it a very popular apple for batches of homemade cider. If you know someone who loves a refreshing glass of cider on warm summers day then the Katy apple tree is for them, especially in August.

Also, if you know someone called Katy, the Katy Apple Tree will make for a great personalised gift for birthdays or anniversaries. Nothing matches the joy of giving a gift with meaning and the thought of memories to come.

The Katy Apple Tree is deciduous, so it will be bare from around November to April. The spring will see the pink and white blossoms flourish - an invitation for bees - from which the apples will grow, ripening in August and ready to be picked in September earlier than most apple trees.

The Katy Apple Tree is surprisingly hardy and can withstand the chill of northern gardens. Patios and small gardens will make a perfect home for the Katy Apple Tree. It will arrive with a height of 120-150cm and can grow up to 2m.

Delivery Tip:

Katy apple trees need cross-pollination to produce fruit so there will need to be another apple tree close by. Once delivered take out of the box and place outside.

Patio Victoria Plum Tree


A dwarfing Victoria Plum tree perfect for the patio. Delivered in a gift wrapped 10L pot. Plums ripen from the end of August.

The Patio Victoria Plum Tree is an amazing gift for an August birthday. Not only does this plum tree look utterly amazing on the patio but the fruits will be ripe in late August and ready for the picking - the perfect August gift that will give back year after year.

The Patio Victoria Plum Tree is self-pollinating and low maintenance, great for those with little horticulture knowledge. Just be sure to provide the plum tree with plenty of water as making fruit is thirsty work.

Ideal for growing in a pot this variety is grafted on to a dwarfing rootstock so if friends and family don’t have a lot of space, not to worry. This tree will be a perfect fit in their garden and as an August birthday gift.

Delivery Tip:

This plum tree will be delivered in a 10L pot that’s been hand gift wrapped in a natural hessian bag ready for delivery. Once delivered the tree should be removed from the box and placed outside.

Little Princess Japanese Maple Tree


A small green Acer variety perfect for pot growing on the patio. An easy to grow a deciduous tree with delicate foliage. Gift wrapped and delivered in a pot.

If you send our Little Princess Japanese Maple tree as an August birthday gift it will surely breathe life and beauty into friends and families gardens. The leaves at this time of year start as a vibrant green colour unlike anything else in the garden.

As the leaves start to transform towards the end of August it provides the garden with a beautiful display. The once bright green leaves develop a vibrant red border which slowly envelopes the whole leaf so each one is a blaze of reds and oranges.

The Little Princess Japanese Maple is a small acer variety and is perfect for patio growing. It can be planted in a large pot to be enjoyed on a decking. No matter what size the garden is, this tree will be the perfect fit.

Delivery Tip:

The Little Princess Acer can be delivered straight to the recipient. Once received it should be taken out of the box immediately and placed outside.

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