Eco Packaging

Tree Gift Boxes

Tree2mydoor trees are individually packed up into purpose designed cardboard gift boxes that protect the trees whilst in transit.

Each box has been carefully designed and developed in house by us to ensure our trees are very well protected, to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging waste and to make the whole Tree2mydoor gift experience really special for recipients of our trees.

We have developed three designs of gift boxes for the wide selection of tree species that we offer. All of our gift box designs are protected and our Tree Gift Box has a Patent Pending! This means that only Tree2mydoor and our partners can use the boxes. So, good news for our customers!

The Tree2mydoor tree gift box

  • Tree gift box

This exclusive box design is patent pending.

This triangular box is a really strong design, so it keeps our trees nice and safe whilst in transit. It can be sent through the Royal Mail postal system as well as next day courier network.

Every triangle tree gift box has a chamber where a tree is safely inserted. A large cardboard panel under the lid of the box has cut out sections that allow care guides, tree guides and personalised greetings cards to be slotted into the box. When someone receives a tree gift in one of our triangle tree gift boxes, they see the greetings card the second that they open this special box - making the Tree2mydoor gift experience really special.

The Tree2mydoor Tree Gift Pack box

  • Tree gift box

This long rectangular gift box has been specially developed to safely hold each of the components that make up our Tree Gift Pack products. Our Tree Gift Packs consist of one of each of the following components:

  • Tree sapling
  • Personalised pewter plaque
  • Wooden plinth for the plaque
  • Tree protector tube with stake
  • Personalised greetings card
  • Tree care guide

Each of the above components are inserted into purpose made secure compartments in the Tree Gift Pack box. The tree care guide and personalised greetings card are slotted into the box directly under the box lid.

This box can be sent through the next day courier network. When someone receives a Tree Gift Pack, they see the personalised greetings card the second that they open the box - making the Tree2mydoor gift experience truly unique.

The Tree2mydoor pot grown tree gift box

  • pot grown tree gift box

The inspiration for these larger boxes actually came from the classic Warner Brother children's cartoons featuring Road Runner and Wylie Coyote! Gareth Mitchell, the founder of Tree2mydoor wanted a box that when opened, would dramatically fall away to reveal an impressive pot grown tree in a way that was not too dissimilar to Wylie Coyote appearing from an exploded box!

The finished design works really well... our trees are packed and held in place securely by the box and when someone opens the box, it immediately falls away to reveal one of our beautiful trees, such as Olive, Orange or Lemon trees.