Tree Of The Month – Rowan Tree aka Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia)

Rowan treeNatural History: The Rowan tree is a widespread native of the British Isles, equally at home on healthy scrub land, mountain rocks or even supermarket car parks! Dense clusters of short-stalked white flowers appear in May and June, followed by scarlet berries in September. The attractive, feathery leaves turn red and gold in the autumn before dropping.

Medicinal Uses: The berries are a rich source of vitamin C but contain other compounds which can cause gastric irritation so it is safer to dry or cook them before eating. Historically, people have used the berries to help treat a range of inflammatory diseases from gout to arthritis.

Ancient Wisdom: The name Rowan comes from the old Norse word “runa” meaning “a charm”. Rowans were planted to protect against witchcraft and if you take a closer look at the berries you will see they are marked with the sign of the pentagram which is a symbol of protection.

Give this tree to: Anyone who enjoys bird-spotting; the rich crop of juicy berries will attract a wide variety of birds, especially finches, into the garden in the Autumn.

Rowan Tree Care & Tips: An easy-care, hardy tree that likes chalky soils but is tolerant of most sites and can be planted in open ground. Prune, in Spring, to your preferred shape once the tree has established which will take a few years.

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